A wide selection of sauna types

Choose from 8 saunas and several cooling options. You can also look forward to unique ceremonies every day.

Saunas with temperature
from 40 °C to 90 °C

Large indoor and outdoor
relaxation zone

Daily program
sauna ceremonies

A selection of saunas for the perfect experience

  • Finnish sauna
  • Herbal sauna
  • Steam bath
  • Sauna with steam impact
  • Salt sauna
  • Tropical sauna
  • Whisk sauna

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Great refreshment

More cooling options than you are used to

  • Cooling pools
  • Cooling bucket
  • Showers
  • Ice Well

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Experiential sauna

It will diversify and enhance the intensity of the sauna experience for both beginners and experienced sauna visitors. It will captivate you with its choreography, delight the senses with a fragrant essence or refresh with a peeling. Treat yourself to an intense sauna experience, we hold ceremonies every day.

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Price list

You can buy swimwear at the reception.

60 minutes 180 minutes All day *Evening
ADULT 499 CZK 699 CZK 899 CZK 499 CZK
CHILD (UNDER 15 YEARS) 399 CZK 499 CZK 599 CZK 399 CZK
FAMILY 2+1 1 099 CZK 1 599 CZK 2 099 CZK 1 099 CZK
FAMILY 2+2 1 399 CZK 1 999 CZK 2 599 CZK 1 399 CZK
FAMILY 1+2 999 CZK 1 399 CZK 1 799 CZK 999 CZK
60 minutes 180 minutes All day *Evening
ADULT 449 CZK 649 CZK 849 CZK 449 CZK
CHILD (UNDER 15 YEARS) 349 CZK 449 CZK 549 CZK 349 CZK
FAMILY 2+1 1 049 CZK 1 549 CZK 2 049 CZK 1 049 CZK
FAMILY 2+2 1 349 CZK 1 949 CZK 2 549 CZK 1 349 CZK
FAMILY 1+2 949 CZK 1 349 CZK 1 749 CZK 949 CZK
60 minutes 180 minutes All day *Evening
ADULT 329 CZK 529 CZK 729 CZK 329 CZK
CHILD (UNDER 15 YEARS) 229 CZK 329 CZK 429 CZK 229 CZK

*The evening entrance fee is valid every day from 18.00 for 180 minutes.

We accept the following cards and vouchers: Multisport, SODEXO (Flexi pass, Fokus pass, Relax pass, Gift pass, Bonus pass), EDENRED (Sport and culture, Multi, Ticket Compliments gift, Ticket Benefits), Benefit Plus, UP Czech Republic (Unišek, Unišek+, Unišek FKSP) , Benefity.cz. Cards can be used to pay for one-time admission or refreshments, but we do not refund them.

Buy tickets

Permanent tickets

Season ticket for 10 entries 4 990 Kč

10x all-day entry
Valid for 10 weeks, Monday to Sunday
Non-transferable (required to present OP upon entry, it is possible to take other people with you)
To be purchased at the Saunia Thermal Resort reception
A maximum of 5 entries per day can be drawn from the season ticket

Season ticket for seniors 60+ 3 990 Kč

10x all-day entry
Valid for 10 weeks, Monday to Sunday
Non-transferable (required to present OP upon entry, valid only for season ticket holders)
To be purchased at the Saunia Thermal Resort reception

Don't get away

So that you don't miss out on news and discounts from our sauna worlds.

Program of sauna ceremonies

A unique experience delivered by sauna masters. Come to the sauna world to enjoy the sauna ceremonies that take place every day.

Our saunars are real masters of their field, crowned with the titles of champions of the Czech Republic and a whole series of successes on the international field. Thanks to their wealth of experience, our sauna ceremonies are fun and inspiring.

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Thermal Resort
Ivana Petroviče Pavlova 2001/11
Karlovy Vary 360 01

Opening hours

09:00 – 23:00




phone: +420 733 153 583
email: thermal@saunia.cz

How to get here

  • 1

    You are coming to us by car

    Use the parking lot of the Thermal Hotel, address: Ivana Petroviče Pavlova 2001/11, Karlovy Vary. You go through the hotel reception to the first floor and the passage to the pool elevator. Take the parking ticket with you and request a discount of CZK 20 per hour of parking.

    Or “NON-STOP” parking lot Západní 1499, Karlovy Vary, You will go to the center and the Hotel Thermal. You can then reach the pool reception through the hotel reception and using the pool lift.

  • 2

    You are coming to us by public transport

    Use the Terminal bus station or the Dolní Nádraží Karlovy Vary train station. Further towards the center to the Hotel Thermal.